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My Story

I guess I could call myself a "seasoned' retailer...Im proud to have experienced and worked for well known companies like Virgin, Vodafone, David Jones, The Body Shop, Sussan, and World Kitchen. My retail days span more than 22 years which means I've spent more than half my life with You, the customer!

My first after school job at 15yrs old was in a commercial bakery packing crossiants with a baker that wasn't there "in mind" that often due to his recreational activities...

Later on I worked for another bakery as a weekend supervisor making pies, custard squares, donuts and lamingtons....,

I can assure you I didn't bake anything for sometime after that !.

During my entertaining retail years I managed teams of up to 70,worked frontline with the customer in kiosks, cornor stores, factory outlets and black marble department store floors!....

I've written retail operations bibles, set up new stores ,assisted in the launches of great products here in NZ and Aust and worked with some of the most inspirational (Richard Branson) and toughest retailers, (I can think of a few!) ever....why this chosen journey?....

well first it's in the blood! and second I have such a passion for providing a service that continues to build apport with the customer...... the customer is your biggest asset in any business!

I have completed 7 years of Psychology at Auckland University but the retail hook got me from a very young age so I've really only used my degree to understand my retail teams, managers, internal customers and the psychology of love, art and food!

My Passion

I'm a passionate cook and baker who loves to cook treats for family and friends and have done so from a very young age, baking engagement cakes,desserts and savoury delights.I learn't to be very creative with limited resources and I could always make a tasty creation with next to nothing!

I love all things to do with "celebration" and "the art of giving to others" through hand crafted food,decoration and colour and when I create something I just cant work in halves or quarters......my attention to detail must mean something to me and my lucky tasters.....it must make them smile!.

I am passionate about mixing colour, fusing styles and following the trends in the market then adding my own "nicci" twist.