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Hand made in Camden NSW

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All Life's Milestones

Engagements, Elopements, Weddings

Local Cafe & Catering

Specialising in Dietary Baking inc GF and DF

An online registered commercial baking kitchen.

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C U P C A K E S  I N  C A M D E N 

A U T U M N . K I T C H E N . 2 0 2 1  


on all orders. We bake everything to order.

We pride ourselves on being a "small batch" bakery and we only bake a certain qty in any day so please pre order early to avoid disappointment.

S T O C K I S T S 

D E A R  C O F F E E  C A M D E N  ( back of Whiteman's Arcade) on a Wed, Fri, Sat morning from 8am.

Enjoy Campos Coffee

C A F E  M A C A R T H U R at MacArthur Anglican College, Cobbitty. Weds and Fri from 8am. 

Enjoy Coffee & Co. Sydney coffee.

We also supply events and catering business Pretty Picnics and Local & Co. Hampers, both based in the Camden area. We love supporting LOCAL!

​T R A D E  H O U R S

We are an online custom order business operating in Camden. 

Collections are aval Wed to Fri 8am to 1030am or after 3pm at an arranged time.

Sat 830am to 1100am

Sun, Mon, Tues Our Kitchen is closed.

A U T U M N . 2 0 2 1 .  M E N U

effective from March 15 2021

W H O L E . C A K E S

Choose your seasonal flavour

french vanilla, choc local honey, malted choc, banana maple, brown butter, lemon syrup natural yogurt, brown sugar apple, lemon olive oil, soft spiced carrot apple walnut

All aval in GF and DF version.

Choose from full cover or semi naked

Single level cake with iced or glazed top

Small Family size 7inch round  $65

BEST SELLER Medium Family size 8 inch round $75

Large Family Size 10 inch round $90

BEST SELLER Large Family and Friends Fancy Sheet Cake (28x 30cm rect) $165

For all Specialty layered and tiered cakes including tiered cakes please email me for a separate quote.

P O P . U P  B I R T H D A Y S

F O R  S M A L L E R  G A T H E R I N G S 

Packages under $100

GF and DF aval

BEST SELLER Pop Up Birthday 79  1 x 7 inch cake, 6 cupcakes and candle $79

Pop Up Birthday 89 1 x 7 inch cake, 8 baked donuts and candle $89

Pop Up Birthday 89 1 x square decorated brownie square slab cake, Rocky Rd Treat Bag $89

S P E C I A L I T Y  S E A S O N A L   C A K E S

All under $100

BEST SELLER Heart shaped cake iced top, filled

Small $75/Large $95

BEST SELLER Layered Traditional Shape Bundt Cake with buttercream fill, jam, curd or thick caramel and florals.

Small Lotus $59 serve 6/ Large $89 serve up to 12

Specialty Bundt Floral Shape, Heritage Swirl or Honey Comb effect Bundt glazed with berries and florals from $89  serve up to 12

Flourless Chocolate ( GF) 10 inch cake with choc glaze and seasonal berries and treats $89 serve up to 15.

Aval in dark choc, white choc 

C A K E . D E C S  + A C C E S S O R I E S 

mini wooden cake toppers $10 each. Custom toppers require min 1 weeks notice.

Tall beeswax birthday candle $2.50 | Mini confetti balloon cake topper $3

L I T T L E . C A K E S  +  B A K E S

Min Set of 12 in any one flavour

all under $49

​Aval in GF version.

BEST SELLER Signature classic C in C cupcake set 12 $49

Butterfly dusted cupcake set 12 , local jam or curd set 12 $49

BEST SELLER Signature brownies set 12 aval in salted caramel, local honey or choc rasp toasted coconut $45 | Small heart brownies set 12 $35

Mini dusted or glazed bundts with jam or curd set 12 $45

Baked donut set  glazed or cinnamon sugared12 $45

Heritage Bundt donut glazed( larger) set 6 $36

French Madeleines dipped set 12 $35

Shortbread Hearts dipped set 12 aval in vanilla, choc or rosewater $39

Mini tea cakes – glazed or curd and berries set 12 $49

VEGAN cupcakes set 12 $49 aval in choc olive oil, lemon olive oil or brown butter

S W E E T  C A N A P E  S E T S + D E S S E R T  B O X E S 

Perfect for a “High Tea” styled Baby or Bridal Shower or as an alternate to a birthday cake! Aval in GF or DF

C in C Sweet Canape Sets

An assorted selection of up to 6 of our signature treats and we can work with your event colour palette

set 30 $145

set 48 $240

C in C Dessert Boxes

Cake bar set 12 $69

Chocolate Lovers box 12 brownies + rocky road bites + salted caramel fudge bites $89

Biccie Box with dipped shortbread or sable cookies set 12 with a luxe tea envelope set (12) $49

Autumn Apple Crumble cake + salted caramel fudge bag $89

H A N D M A D E  N O S T A L G I C   C O N F E C T I O N S + G I F T S

BEST SELLER Turkish Delight Rocky Road Bar Bag $14 Jar $22

Salted Caramel Russian Fudge Bag $14  Jar $22

Chocolate walnut Fudge Bag $14 Jar $22

Real Raspberry Coconut ice Bag $14 Jar $22

Traditional Shortbread Bag (12) $36

Chocolate Sable cookie Bag ( 12) $36

C in C Gift Vouchers from $30. 10% off vouchers over $100

T E A D R O P  A R T I S A N  T E A

South Melbourne’s iconic Tea Drop tea

Tea Drop is a small batch tea company that prides itself in flavour and freshness a perfect match to my small batch bakery!

Available to compliment your C in C cakes and bakes. Perfect for high teas and birthdays, guest favors with my little bakes or as a gift

Choose from English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Supreme Earl Grey, Malabar Chai or Lemon & Ginger

Luxury Envelope set 6 $5 set 12 $10 sets aval mixed or in one chosen flavour

O R D E R  &  P A Y M E N T 

Email nicci@cupcakesincamden.com.au  No DMs please

Pre payments by credit card or direct credit via online invoice. Your booking is not confirmed until we recieve payment. Please note we are now a cashless business. Collection address provided in invoice email and on invoice top right.

​A N N U A L  . L E A V E . 2 0 2 1

We will be baking up to 19 Dec 2021 and will be returning to the C in C Kitchen late Jan 2022.

Thanks Everyone who has ordered from us this year, we love your support and wonderful feedback!