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O U R  S T O R Y

I have been servicing the Macarthur region and beyond for 16 years.
Hey Mum C in C is as old as I am !

Originally from Auckland-Tamaki Makarau NZ. I've always had a love of baking and have been stirring cakes since I was 4. My Grandmother Clare was a home baker and always had a stack of tins on the kitchen table ready for hungry family. I learnt from the best :). Growing up in Auckland NZ I was surrounded by family bakers and family foodies and all our gatherings would always have those signature bakes.  Baking is a gift and it certainly brings joy at all stages of life, most imporantly it brings people to gather and connect through food.

At age 36 I started my C in C journey and it's still going strong, it's been a massive journey of learning, self discovery and precious friendships and bonds. I did a big stint at Auckland Uni and came out with a Science degree in Social Psych and Zoology and a nearly finish Masters in Social Psych but this baking hook got me in the end. For 23 years I worked within the retail industry so became super savvy at running some big brand stores and on to working in retail operations. I always wanted to work for myself and raise my only daughter from home allowing that flexibility so we could run away for holiday adventures full of art, history and food. My daughter Olivia ( Liv) has been my constant motivator and guide and she has grown up from a tender age with the aromas of cake. her fav cake is banana maple. 

In difficult years and during Covid baking became my daily therapy, it helped me to stay focused, to create and bring others joy and love. It has often been my self saviour during very dark times.

Today as I still roll out orders I am back in the student chair studying psychology and counselling again up skilling myself, reading countless related books and getting ready for my next life chapter that will still include baking but on a new level.

My goal is to open my own practice here in Camden that specialises in a very practical life skills counselling therapy focusing on life strategies, coping mechanisms and culinary therapy from my own kitchen. 

You will still see me take select orders as well as assist those in need with a brand new take on counselling. I will keep you all posted on my journey to get there but I can tell you there will be a hot cuppa and fresh bake for my clients each and every meet up. 

Thank You for making my journey last this long as a small local business. Your loyalty and spreading the word has made all this possible.

Please continue to support Camden and the Macarthur region and all the amazing talent we have right here in our town!

Best wises always

Nicci x 

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